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Kids Yoga Certified

Our next training is during the weekend of Dec 2nd. 

Our participants have called our trainings with Ofrit Gal life changing. See Details Below for our Next Children's Yoga Teacher Training:


Friday, 12/2/22 – 6:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday, 12/3/22 – 10:00am-6:30pm

Sunday, 9/18/22– 10:00am-6:30pm


   $715 Course Cost

+ $70 Registration and Supplies Fee

= $785 Total Cost

($100 of Early Bird Discount Available Through 10.30.22 with code: TTWinter2022)





200 N Wynnewood Ave, Wynnewood, PA 19096

More About Ofrit - Founder & Leader of Yoga@Play Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Ofrit is a passionate and experienced Yoga teacher, specializing in kids programs. She is certified in Hatha Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Mom Buddha Baby, Brain Gym 101  and Yoga for Special Needs. Her ultimate goal is for new teachers to leave the program feeling empowered and excited to begin sharing the gift of kids yoga and mindfulness

Ofrit Barash Ofrit Barash Founder of Yoga@Play

Our Training Includes:

  • The benefits of kids yoga
  • Yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, yoga and mindful games and breathing exercises
  • Incorporating props, art and music for successful and engaging classes
  • Behavior management in kids yoga classes
  • Planning and creating safe, successful, fun and engaging kids and family yoga classes
  • Yoga@Play kids yoga comprehensive manual Creating fun and engaging class plans for kids and family yoga classes
  • Opportunity for a mentorship program, following the training
  • Possible opportunity to become a Yoga@Play Kids yoga Teacher

Course Modules:

Day 1 (3 Hrs)

  • Introduction to Kids Yoga
  • Why and what is Kids Yoga
  • The Benefits of Kids Yoga- The Principles of Teaching Kids Yoga

Day 2 (8.5 Hrs)

  • Yoga Class (3-6 yr)
  • Yoga Poses (Individual, Partner Poses Group Poses)
  •  Props
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Games

Day 3 (8.5 Hrs)

  •  Yoga Class (7-10 yr)
  • Class Structure
  • Behavior Management
  • Themes
  • Music/Art Incorporation
  • Lesson Plan Creation
  • Teaching Practice and feedback
  • What now?

Hear What Our Students Have to Say...



"What I really like about this teacher training is that you have the option of doing an internship with the guidance of Ofrit..."


"The training is so all encompassing.  I was able to take the 20 hr training course the spring before I started working and I was able to start working right away. I felt very comfortable teaching right away because of what I learned in the training course..."


"The manual is just fantastic..It's so well organized.  It provides all the tools you will need.  I look at it before every class as just a reminder"


Do I need to be a certified yoga teacher in order to become a kids yoga teacher?NO: You want to love and appreciate yoga and of course love and enjoy working with children. The fun about teaching yoga for kids is that you really get to have fun! You can use your dance, art, science, drama, music and talent you have.

Will I be ready to go and teach right after the TT?YES! In fact, the sooner you start teaching after your TT, the better. After the TT, you are excited and everything is fresh. You will make mistakes anyways and learn from them. That’s part of the growth. 

(Also, fyi, At Yoga@Play, we have a special mentorship program to support our new teachers as they get certified.)

What sort of “jobs” someone can get after becoming a kids-yoga teacher?Directors in preschools and schools are beginning to understand the value of yoga and mindfulness. They are incorporating more and more programs both during school and after school. The demands for kids yoga classes is constantly on the rise. As a kids yoga teacher, you can teach at preschools, schools, offer kids yoga in gyms, lead fun yoga birthday parties or even teach at your child’s preschool or school. You can be an independent contractor teaching for yourself or for others.

Will There Be the Opportunity to Work with Yoga@Play?What makes our training unique among taking a training online or less local, is that Yoga@Play is constantly looking to bring on more teachers. Currently, Yoga@Play is turning down teaching opportunities because we cannot handle the demand.  If following the training, Yoga@Play feels you are good fit and you agree,  Ofrit offers continued mentorship to guide you to be a Yoga@Play teacher.

Hurry and Enroll Now! Space is Limited. Early Bird Discount Available Through 10.30.22 with code: TTWinter2022.



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