Transform Your Life. Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Thinking of becoming a kids yoga teacher but have questions before committing to a kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Schedule a call with Yoga@Play's founder Ofrit  to see if teaching kids yoga may be for you. Ofrit has trained many kids yoga teacher and runs two local kids yoga trainings a year in Wynnewood, PA.  Her next training is around the corner during the weekend of April 1st. 

On Your Call Ofrit Can Answer Any of Your Concerns. Maybe...

  • You worry that you lack experience in a classroom or teaching yoga.
  • You are a busy mom and worry that teaching kids yoga will take up too much time from your family.
  • You believe that even if you complete a training you would lack confidence to jump into teaching kids yoga

So, what are you waiting for?
Find Out if Teaching Kids Yoga is Right For You

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