Transform Your Life. Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Thinking of becoming a kids yoga teacher but have questions before committing to a Kids Yoga Teacher Training?


Schedule a call with Yoga@Play's founder Ofrit to see if teaching kids yoga may be for you. Ofrit has trained many kids yoga teacher and runs local kids yoga trainings  in Wynnewood, PA.  Her next training is around the corner during the weekend of Dec 4th. 

On Your Call Ofrit Can Answer Any of Your Concerns. Maybe...

  • You worry that you lack experience in a classroom or teaching yoga.
  • You are a busy mom and worry that teaching kids yoga will take up too much time from your family.
  • You believe that even if you complete a training you would lack confidence to jump into teaching kids yoga

So, what are you waiting for?
Find Out if Teaching Kids Yoga is Right For You

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