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We would like to invite you to our demo classes this fall.  We are expecting these to fill up fast.  Be the first to hear about the finalized dates and location for our demos.

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Combines  movement and important life skills with FUN.

It helps kids learn healthy posture, relaxation, and teaches them to listen to their body and to each other.  FLYoga for Kids doesn’t lose sight of one of the key components for any activity for kids, FUN!

Improves children's attention and focus.

Yoga, as well as meditation, teaches kids to focus on their breath and movement. Kids have short attention spans, so it helps them to pay attention for longer periods of time. Trying to hold a pose while their balance is challenged will improve their focus, and it may even help with learning and school! 

It Builds Their Confidence.

We all know how happy kids are when they succeed in something. Doing an aerial yoga pose successfully and seeing that recognized will help grow their confidence! Doing yoga regularly with a teacher that empowers them will help them grow up confident and secure. Kids come back to where they feel empowered. 

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