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Yoga in the K-12 school setting has grown at a fast pace in the United States over the past decade. This is largely because of the collaborative efforts of yoga and mindfulness organizations who are proving, through research, that yoga leads to academic achievement, positive behavior and physical and mental well-being.

What We Offer

Yoga@Play classes incorporate yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualizations, group games, mindfulness activities, music, storytelling and lots of FUN! Through these activities, children are encouraged to experience yoga and mindfulness in a FUN non-judgmental and non-competitive way. It gives them an outlet to reduce stress and anxiety and feel good about themselves inside and out. They learn to support each other with a focus on positive self image, self love and kindness towards themselves and others. Breathing techniques are used to help teach children to focus, relax and develop self-regulation.

Benefits of Yoga for School Children

  • Greater physical strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Better focus and self-control
  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced body and breath awareness
  • Reduced competitiveness
  • Increased well-being, inner strength, and self-love
  • Enriched Respect for others


Don't just take our word for it!

"I met Ofrit when she was first starting her yoga classes in the area. I was immediately impressed by her credentials and her program. I was sold. We introduced her program in our next session and it quickly sold out, and that was before the parents (and children) had an opportunity to even experience yoga with Ofrit. Once the word got out how good it was, I had waiting lists for the spots in the class. In fact we now offer yoga 2 days a week so that everyone who wants a spot can get one. Ofrit is professional and engaging. I highly recommend her and her yoga classes to any and all who want a truly meaningful, fun experience for their children."

Missy Horrow MLRT Early Childhood Education Director

​"The children love Yoga! They are so engaged and have learned so much in such a short time. Ofrit uses amazing music as well as wonderful stories to create the theme of our "practice". She also incorporates various themes that we are learning about in our classroom into our Yoga experience. The children love to work on new poses as well as practiced poses that they had been introduced to in previous classes. They love the individual "shavasana" meditation time at the end of the class that she does with each child."

Preschool Teachers NCCECE of Har Zion Temple

​"Lyla looks forward to Wednesdays every week and was the first thing she asked me this morning, "Do I have Yoga today?". She was pretty disappointed when I told her she had to wait until Wednesday. She is just getting so much out of it and I love the pictures and tools she gets from it. Most recently she used yoga to calm down and recenter, after getting very upset. It really has been amazing to see how she has embraced it. I LOVE your updates and all of the wonderful things you are working on in the class with the kids. I know that these are great tools that will help her every day. So thank you again!"

Lyla's mom ECE Mainline Reform Parent

"Naama absolutely loved YOGA classes with Ofrit and was waiting every week for this amazing class. Receiving weekly pictures from Ofrit was exciting and showed us how much fun the girls had during theses classes. Every kid should have this amazing experience - highly recommended!!"

Michael ECLC Temple Adath Israel Parent

"The work that you are doing with these kids is just amazing!!! We are so grateful for your class! G absolutely loves it and I LOVE that he is learning about mindfulness, being gentle, exercise, learning about his power and his ability to change his situation, and building confidence! I try to teach him all these things at home, but it's so wonderful he gets it in another context and with his friends too! I can't wait till J is old enough to take your class too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are an excellent teacher and you should feel very proud of the work you do with these children!"

Feroza ECE Mainline Reform Parent

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