FLYoga (Ages 5-13)

FLYoga for Kids combines physical activity and fun with important life skills. It helps kids learn healthy posture, relaxation, and teaches them to listen to their body and to each other. More than just the sum of these parts, FLYoga for Kids doesn’t lose sight of one of the key components for any activity for children; FUN!

FLYoga for Kids is an opportunity for children to learn a unique activity and enjoy a wonderful feeling of levitation, fun and freedom!

What Do Our  Lessons Look Like?

  • Classes are held both on and off the hammock
  • Learn and practice balancing exercises, all the more fun while suspended in the air!
  • Learn relaxation techniques to help deal with stressful situations
  • Engage in group exercises to help learn social skills and form bonds with classmates
  • Experiment with new skills and exercises to help develop brain flexibility
  • Learning to move fluidly with the hammock to perform aerial exercises and stretches
  • Laughter is a must in every lesson 🙂


  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Practice body awareness
  • Stretch and laugh
  • Use games to shape exercises in a fun and enjoyable way!
  • Utilize inverted positions/exercises to help elongate the spine, promoting healthy growth and development 
  • Learn positive thinking, to see the beauty in everyone’s unique self and individuality, self-acceptance, and self-love

Give your kids the opportunity to experience a new and unique activity! FLYoga is a fun and engaging physical activity for kids combining yoga poses, stretches, and strength-building exercises all while suspended in an aerial hammock!  FLYoga allows kids to experiment with different inverted positions, helping stretch their body in uniquely beneficial ways while enjoying the fun of being suspended in the air!

Aerial Yoga

FLYoga forTeens

Adolescence is one of the most challenging, exciting, and complicated periods in a child’s development. The challenges they encounter during this period may well be carried into their adult life, but inversely, the skills and tools they acquire during that period can do the same.

One important problem that often gets overlooked at this age is a lack of physical activity; The child sits at their desk at school, then comes home and sits down to do their homework. Sometimes on the sofa or half-lying on the bed, the child sits and splays down in front of the computer, TV or mobile phone. Over time this leads to bad posture, curvature of the spine, and muscle weakness. This creates a basis for health problems, already starting in the early stages of puberty.

Physical activity and movement are necessary at this age to create a healthy foundation on which to build, and FLYoga Teens is the perfect activity for adolescents at this age!

FLYoga Teens combines yoga exercises that activate and balance the body with hammock exercises that turn the activity into unique aerial fun! In the FLYoga Teens classes, teens receive tools and habits that build correct posture and help maintain a healthy back. All this, along with a sense of balance and peace that will accompany them as they continue their transition to a healthy, more grown-up life.

FLYoga Teens Benefits:

  • Yoga poses will help develop the body, increasing flexibility and giving teens  more strength and control over their body.
  • Develops attention, concentration, and awareness, which have a positive effect on the daily academic activities of the teen.
  • Practicing yoga in the air is dynamic, challenging, and a fun workout that helps avoid the rapid boredom typical of teens at this age
  • Teens experiment with new movements that contribute to the development of brain flexibility
  • Movements are performed with an emphasis on correct breathing; Classes integrate breathing techniques suitable for teenagers, and relaxing breathing exercises that help improve concentration and self-control.
  • Learning relaxation techniques, which help in dealing with stressful situations.
  • The lack of competitiveness and supportive characteristics of yoga classes provides an ideal atmosphere for the development of the adolescent’s personality
  • Utilize inverted positions/exercises to help elongate the spine, promoting healthy growth and development
  • Learn positive thinking, to see the beauty in everyone’s unique self and individuality, self-acceptance, and self-love

Suspended yoga classes for teens can gently affect the regulation of the hormonal system, improve metabolism, develop the skeletal and muscular system, improve blood circulation and contribute to the overall development of a healthy body and mind.

A healthy body and mind are key elements in every teen’s self-confidence, and will accompany them in achieving their goals in life, now and into the future. So go ahead grab a hammock and start experiencing yoga in the air!

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